Unique Accommodation Options in Tasmania

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Whether you’re interested in exploring the colourful port area of Hobart or are interested in getting up close and personal with Tasmania’s stunning wildlife, you’ll find no shortage of quirky, luxurious, and memorable accommodations to choose from. The following are a few standout options dotted around the island.

Australia’s Top 5 Quirkiest Hotels


If you’re travelling to Australia, you’ll have no shortage of hotels to choose from, from budget to luxury. However, why stay in a bland chain hotel when you can spend the night underground or in a five-star boat? The following are five of Australia’s most unique accommodations, combining comfort with a quirky personality.

What to Do with an SUV and Camper Trailer in Australia

carCamping in a tent or beneath the stars can be great, but gets so very chilly outside of summer. Camper trailers provide many home comforts, for instance a furnace to rid yourself of the morning chill, air conditioning during a hot summer day and running water and an electrical supply. Or you may just desire a little privacy.

Atlantis Hotel & Resort, Paradise Island, Bahamas

Check out this video of the beautiful Atlantis Hotel and Resort.

Palazzo Versace Review


Living a rock star lifestyle is not just for the rock stars in the modern days. You can get this kind of lifestyle in Australia by visiting Palazzo Versace which gives the real extravagance any visitor would like to get. There is no other hotel here in the country that provide such as an exceptional experience like the one Palazzo Versace Hotel offers to visitors. It is a resort that everyone desiring to enjoy an extravagant lifestyle can afford. It is a wonderful place you can take your spouse of friend as a reward or go by yourself if you need time to chill.

Excelsior Hotel & Spa

Excelsior Hotel & Spa – luxury at its finest.

The World’s 5 Most Expensive Hotel Suites


People travel around the globe, whether for business or leisure. For most, choosing the hotel room is a big deal. And why not, if one wants to relax after being tied up with endless business meetings? Or seek comfort after spending the day hiking around or lying on the beach? All these and more comes as a package, but not without a price.

In fact, if one can throw $60,000 for a hotel room without batting their eyes, they can surely afford to check into the world’s top 5 most expensive hotel suites.



Montage Laguna Beach is a relaxed world class beach known for its magical beauty and activities. The beach is located in Southern California. It has a vast selection of amazing hotels with modern facilities that offer the best┬áhospitality┬áto be found anywhere on the planet. Just south of Laguna Beach is a park for guests that offer a clear sighting for dolphins right from the guests’ balconies.

Signature Suites at the Disneyland Hotel

Cocktail drink and towels near swimming pool

Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim is no doubt one of the most known hotels in the world. The hotel boasts of some of the most modern facilities available in the world today. It also boasts of excellent services it offers to all of its esteemed customers. Doubting?

Beverly Hills Hotel

Beverly Hills Hotel

The Beverly Hills hotels also called the Bungalows. It is allocated in Beverly Hills, in California.
It was established on May 12, 1912 with the combination of Margaret J. Anderson and Stanley S. Anderson who is her son, who was the manager to the Hollywood Hotel.

The management and ownership to the hotel is under Dorchester Collection, which comprises of nine luxury hotels allocated in France, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States. In 1996 it was organized to take into consideration the hotel interests of the Brunei Investment Agency.

The hotel is allocated in conducive environment and it is accessible easily, they offer the best services with the aim of customer satisfaction. Some of them are; they have the best comfortable rooms. Pool lounges of all kinds and reasonable price and this gives room for any people’s class to be able to get the services offered there. They also offer transport around the Beverly Hills.