Tradewinds Esplanade Hotel has the Brasserie Restaurant, a waterfront cocktail bar and a tropical garden on the esplanade.

The Brasserie

Enjoy the full hot buffet breakfast available
daily, or order from our a la carte breakfast menu. Breakfast is served from 6.30am to 10am every day.

Lunch is available from 12 to 2pm daily.Choose from our casual lunch a’la carte menu, or see below for our seasonal specials available.

Enjoy our sensational seafood buffet every night of the week, with some of the best local seafood and hot dishes available. Or order something from our gourmet a’la carte menu.

If you have a special meal request, why not ask our friendly staff, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Terrace Bar

What better way to unwind after a day touring than by relaxing in the Terrace Bar.

Sit back and enjoy the surrounds of our waterfront cocktail bar, overlooking the Cairns Esplanade.

Let our talented staff blend, shake or mix to perfection the cocktail of your dreams whilst enjoying complimentary canapés. Ask for the cocktail special of the day, or if you prefer try an Australian Beer or wine from our large selection available.

Open every night of the week from 4.30pm till late.

6 Steps To Getting Your Dream Home Built

Knock Down Rebuild Designers – 6 Steps To Getting Your Dream Home Built

Knock down rebuild designers can help you build the home of your dreams without having to move from your current location. This is the ideal solution for those who wish to upgrade their home but stay in their current neighborhood. If you are interested in hiring knock down rebuild designers to help you upgrade your home, here are the 6 steps knock down rebuild designers will go through before the process can begin.

Step #1 – Review The Land

Before your home can be built, knock down rebuild designers from here will come out and review the land. They will be checking for zoning issues, boundaries and any residential building codes that must be adhered to when building your new home.

Step #2 – You Will Be Presented With Design Options

Once the builder has assessed the land, they will show you various designs that will work for the area. You will then decide which one will work best for you and your family.

Step #3 – Preliminary Contracts Will Be Drawn Up

Based on the information gathered up to this point, preliminary contracts will be drawn up. If there are any unforeseen circumstances, you will be able to put the process on hold at this time.

Step #4 – Pick Out Accessories For Your Home

If everything is a go, the fun will officially start. Now is the time to pick out the accessories for your home. This will include interior finishes, exterior finishes, flooring, doors, bricks, appliances and any other accessories you wish to add. If you need help picking out accessories, a consultant from the knock down rebuild designers team will help.

Step #5 – Finish The Paperwork

Now is the time to sign all final contracts. Once all paperwork has been signed building permits will be applied for and the construction process will be under way.

Step #6 – Start Building

Once the knock down rebuild designers have received the building permits, construction will officially begin. If all goes as planned, you will have a brand new home in a few short months.

Buyers Agents or Doing It On Your Own

Buyers Agents or Doing It On Your Own

When potential buyers watch the television shows or read the guides that are all about having the individual do all of the work in the first place to avoid paying extra, they could wind up living in a fantasy land. The fact of the matter is when it comes to the real estate game, no matter where you are you could wind up up the creek without a paddle. 

The truth of the matter is there are rules, laws, and regulations that need to be followed, and that is all on top of industry trends and norms that are considered polite as well. Without having the right Buyers Agent Sydney on your side, you could wind up getting a lot more than you originally thought. Buyers Agent Sydney from Thomas and Gould Buyers Agent could be the magic words that keep you from a world full of stress.

The secret to getting help from professionals like Buyers Agent Sydney is not really that secret anymore. More and more people and potential buyers have been flocking to Buyers Agent Sydney simply because they understand how powerful the right form of professional help can be. Not only can you wind up uncovering a lot of potential problems ahead of time, but the professional buyers agents you work with have clearly been through this all before. They can even help you to be aware of the things you didn’t even know existed. 

Even though the shows on television are all about doing things yourself and trying to save some money in the process, the fact of the matter is that you absolutely need to have Buyers Agent Sydney on your side for protection. Rather than risking your potential future and thousands of dollars in the process, look to see what the professionals can do for you.

Benefits Of Automatic Gates Sydney

Benefits Of Automatic Gates Sydney

Do you want to have a beautiful home that has some unique automatic gates Sydney? There are some people that aren’t so sure what kind of thing to do to their home to help enhance that front gate. Investing in a nice set of gates can be exactly what you need in order to experience a nicer quality home at automatic gates in Sydney by http://rapidautomatic.com.au.

Benefits Of Automatic Gates Sydney

– Safer

It’s overall a more safer option when you decide to have these gates since it’ll keep your home much safer. Depending on the height of the gates, you will find that it can be much safer to have this as a sense of protection for your home. It’s overall one of the best ways to avoid any troubles with burglars.

– Easier To Access

When you’re approaching your home, it’s so much easier to have a set of gates that will open up for you instead of having you do the work. It’s always easy to access your home when the gates instantly open once you arrive. Most people just love these gates since they also save so much time as well.

Getting automatic gates Sydney is the perfect way to get your home the safety that it needs runout the struggles involved with creating your home. There are so many people who just love having everything automatic in their home, especially since it saves time and money on your part. Finding the right gate is also not that easy. The key is to make sure that you always look for the right gate that fits in to your type of home and provides you an overall great home you can be proud of. It should truly create that accent and give your home the beauty it truly needs to stand out on the block.

Heath Ducker – Overcoming and Inspiring

Heath Ducker – Overcoming and Inspiring

What – rather, whom – do you get when you break the cycles and shackles of poverty, deprivation, and abuse? A remarkable young man by the name of Heath Ducker. 
Second of 10 children with several fathers, Ducker was raised in poverty by his emotionally unstable single mother. He was, at the age of 12, sexually abused by the father of a friend. Fortunately for Ducker, he found the Youth Insearch organization. Through Youth Insearch, Ducker met other young people who had overcome deprivation and whose stories inspired Ducker to overcome the troubles in his life.
Ducker realized that education was the way out of poverty. He could not study in the noise and chaos of his crowded house, so he went to the roof to study. His academic efforts have paid off. Ducker is a solicitor with a leading Sydney law firm.
Ducker became the youngest person ever appointed as a Youth Insearch leader. This role has allowed him to be a role model for troubled youth. This overcomer and role model has even been invited to advise the Australian Prime Minister concerning youth affairs.